First Reformer of Studio Challenger

What’s Happening?

We are extremely pleased to announce that the first order has been placed for the opening of Studio Challenger.  We are delighted to be ordering our first classical reformer from Fredrik Prag who is an accomplished practitioner, and now manufacturer of the classical equipment at Prag Movement.

Our first reformer is being built in Stockholm, where it will be hand made and finally shipped to us (via land and sea) until it will finally arrive in West Berkshire, Midgham.


What is a reformer?

A reformer was designed by the founder Joseph Pilates when he was designing and evolving his Classical Pilates equipment. It is an iconic piece of equipment and if you haven’t experienced being on one you need to head on down to your local Pilates centre.  Since Joseph designed the reformer there are only a handful of companies who make Classical Reformers and these are by far superior to those on the rest of the market.  Any practitioner of Pilates can quickly feel the difference, and Fredrik’s Classical Reformer does not disappoint!

A reformer is made from a frame of metal or wood, a strong sturdy base which supports the metal runners and reformer ‘mat’. At one end of the reformer is a movable foot bar, which lifts up and down.  At the other end of the reformer are two leather straps which are used during the workout.  The centre of the reformer is where the body spends (the majority) of the time, supported by the shoulder blocks and head piece.  Inside the frame (not seen by the side profile) are four equal weighted springs.  There are multiple accessories and additional items to use with the Reformer, but the core (and majority of the exercises) are done with just the reformer.


What does it feel like?

It’s difficult to explain the feeling on a reformer.  The body feels supported and cushioned by the mat.  With the knees bent and the feet on the footbar, the back is protected and in a position to support the work.  No matter what aches or pains, or rehab concerns you might have, the reformer is designed to support, and aid you in your work.  Often a misconception of Pilates is that the mat is where the magic happens.  The magic does indeed happen on the mat, but the reformer builds the core and gives the additional support to really develop and challenge the mat work.  Echoing above, if you’ve only experience mat Pilates, well then quite frankly you haven’t lived… 😉


How do I have a go?

Simply drop us a line and let’s start the journey into the world of the reformer!.