What is a Wunda Chair?

A fascinating piece of equipment, one can actually use this equipment as a relaxing chair! Then when turned on its back, the chair becomes and explosive and exciting piece of equipment. A wooden structure with light padding and leather/PVC on the top, the base also has a thin layer of matting. The centre of the chair has a movable wooden platform, with a thicker foot or hand circular structure, often covered in rubber or slip-proof material.

The central platform connects to the back of the chair with two springs and at the back of the chair three metal fixing points exist on both sides. The middle platform moves up and down with resistance from the springs varied on which setting the springs are placed on.

What is the Wunda Chair is used for?

It’s difficult to explain the feeling when working on a Wunda chair. Its an explosive and invigorating piece of equipment which gets the blood pumping and heart rate up! A much smaller piece of equipment, clients are challenge with the workouts, giving a focus and advanced feel to many of the exercises you perform on it. Now height becomes an important factor, as clients stand and work on a much higher level. Again this challenges the balance, co-ordination and strength in all of the body.

Specific Exercises/Workouts we do on the Wunda Chair

Teaser series – ouch! What an impressive and challenging series to perform on the chair – focusing on balance, strength – no cheating allowed in this exercise and it truly separates the boys from the men!

Going up front – ensures that balance, control and stability are at the forefront of the workout. Working the muscle groups to the highest level.

Push ups – not as simple as it sounds, the moving platform challenging the body to stay aligned, working the arms and core.