Classical Pilates


Classical Pilates at it’s core is the method linked most closely to the founder and developer, Joseph Pilates.  Today many practitioners, physiotherapists and dancers have taken his method and adapted and changed it to suit their needs, and there is always a place for this, however the purest method is the universal and truest approach to the method.  Often confused with Yoga, Classical Pilates is extremely unlike yoga.  Using specially designed equipment to help support the work, Pilates is a new experience.

Classical Pilates is suited to everyone.  No matter what your needs or fitness requirements are.  Classical Pilates can be used to rehab injuries, increase flexibility and mobility, develop strength and condition and even challenges co-ordination!  You work with your own body weight and your workout develops and adjusts when your body is ready to move on.  Cushioned and supported by the incredible equipment, it takes the body on a journey of discovery in each session, easing away aches and pains and leaving an energised and active body and mind.

Olympic Personal Training

Olympic athletes are considered some of the highest performing athletes in the world.  Track and Field focused athletes produce high performance athletes, who understand the body, mind and ability to achieve the highest level.  The ancient Greeks invented the Olympic games to showcase unique talent and skill of the human body.  To this day, we see the games competed in summer and winter fashion, with young men and women pushing the boundaries of what the human body can achieve.

An Olympic athlete is driven not only by success, by by the challenge of pushing the boundaries in their chosen discipline.  Working with coaches from around the world, and developing the latest training, rehabilitation and nutritional techniques, the Olympic athlete becomes an expert on his or hers body and mind.  Mind and body is linked closely in the steps towards Olympic medals and success.  Regardless of the approach you wish to take with your personal training, working with an Olympic athlete will give you the highest level of care, attention and chances of success and reaching your goals!

Classical Pilates – Private Sessions

In the Classical Pilates Private sessions we will work on the reformer and the mat.  These are two of the main areas in Classical Pilates to develop and challenge the body.


Classical Pilates – Duet Sessions

In the Classical Pilates Duet sessions we will work on the reformer and the mat.  This is split between two people in the class, you each work on one discipline and then change under the guidance of the instructor. These are two of the main areas in Classical Pilates to develop and challenge the body.


Olympic Personal Training

Ben Challenger, retired Olympic athlete, draws on his 21 years as a professional athlete, and works with clients both young and old who are looking to gain new developments in their training and achievements. From specific rehab and weight loss goals through to high performance results, Ben is able to give you the highest level of training, developing programmes most suitable for your needs. A unique experience to be inspired and train with the very highest level of performance athlete.