Cadillac or Tower

Cadillac or Tower

What is a Cadillac or Tower?

The ultimate piece of equipment, the Cadillac is a free standing piece of equipment with many fascinating accessories and parts to it.  The Cadillac is a raised mat (padded with leather/PVC surface) and a metal or wooden frame surrounds the mat.  From the metal or wood, various items are hung and attached.  Typically you will find the fluffies(!) and sliding unit to attach the trapeze, and at one end a foot strap for foot stability is found.

A wooden bar called the push through bar and there are multiple attaching clips to attach additional pieces of equipment to the Cadillac.  In many studios (which have limited spaces), the Cadillac has been modified to create a Tower unit.  This is simply a Cadillac cut in half, with one section attached to the wall.  A raised mat is then placed in front of the tower unit.  All exercises remain identical, except for one exercise, the full traditional ending which can only be performed on a Cadillac

What is the Cadillac or Tower is used for?

It’s difficult to explain the feeling when working on a Cadillac or Tower. A major piece of equipment, it gives the client the confidence and support needed to develop all aspect of their training and body conditioning. Mat exercises can be performed on the Cadillac or Raised Mat in front of the Tower, and then all the various exercises using the accessories give a huge arrange of challenging exercises. From deep stretches through to intensive abdominal exercises, the ultimate piece of equipment allows for the ultimate experience.

Specific Exercises/Workouts we do on the Cadillac or Tower

Teaser series – ouch! What an impressive and challenging series to perform on the chair – focusing on balance, strength – no cheating allowed in this exercise and it truly separates the boys from the men! The Cadillac and Tower echo the Teaser performed on the mat and reformer, allowing a deeper understanding of the exercise.

Full traditional ending – the exercise that Joseph Pilates believed everyone should be able to achieve on their first lesson(!) An incredible finish to an incredible workout.

Roll Back Bar – enjoy massage and lengthening of the body and spine, whilst developing the abdominal connection and support. It feels incredible.